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In Xojo’s new Web Framework 2.0, you need to use a special renderer “WebListBoxImageRenderer” to easily add pictures to a WebListBox:

Var counter as integer = 1
Var pic as WebPicture = gray // gray is a picture created within xojo

For each result as string in results
  myListBox.AddRow( "" )
  myListBox.CellValueAt( myListBox.LastAddedRowIndex, 0 ) = format( counter, "00000" )
  myListBox.CellValueAt( myListBox.LastAddedRowIndex, 1 ) = result
  var picCell as new WebListBoxImageRenderer
  picCell.URL = pic.URL // link to the embedded pic, alternatively use a url to any picture on the web
  myListBox.CellValueAt( myListBox.LastAddedRowIndex, 2 ) = picCell
  counter = counter + 1


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