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With the Xojo Script language you can build scripts which are either executed before of after the build of an application. We are using this feature — in combination with a small bash script — to mimic the deployment to the Xojo Cloud with an own server.

The Xojo Script has to be positioned after the Build Step on Linux
Example Code of the Script (executing the local Shell script)

Linux Script

Below is the content of the ‘deploy.sh’:

echo "STOP Services"
ssh user@example.com 'sudo systemctl stop nuage.service'
rsync -avz --delete /Users/jmu/xojo/nuage/Builds\ -\ nuage/Linux\ 64\ bit/nuage/ user@example.com:/var/www/html/nuage/
echo "START Services"
ssh user@example.com 'sudo systemctl start nuage.service'
exit 0


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