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It sounds trivial (and it is), but in the old days, you need to use some commands (depending on the used macOS version) in your terminal to either switch on or off the typical Apple Chime sound at reboot, as described here.

I don’t like the sound, especially not when your mac crashes at night time and I welcomed when Apple switched it off by default. Now with Big Sur it is again enabled by default.

On older macs, it was sufficient to change the sound level (to the extend of muting it) if you were fast enough to change the settings via the keyboard while the sound was playing.

I first searched for a similar issue on macOS Big Sur to switch the booting sound off. It turns out that in macOS Big Sur Apple is giving us an option to change those setting directly in the system preferences.

Go to your sound settings:

Choose “Sound”

“Play sound on startup”-Option in macOS Big Sur

Ensure to un-check to the “Play sound on startup” checkbox if you want to switch the chime booting sound off. And, of course, vice-versa if you enjoy this typical booting sound at booting.

“Play sound on startup” option defines if the Apple sound is playing at boot time or not


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