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I think I've never developed any Xojo App w/o database access, and Postgres is my favorite.

Usually, I use an SSH connection to a Linux server to use a Postgres DB on a remote server, as I have described in this article:

How To Build an SSH Connection from macOS to Linux?
How does this headline relate to Xojo? Well, there are many reasons why it is cool having the possibility to connectremotely to another server. You’ll need such an option for a secure connectionto your remote server to upload files and make changes on your server. Butperhaps you are running a r…

But of course, I'm running as well a Postgres instance locally on my mac. (compared to the past, installing Postgres on macOS is relatively straightforward today: https://www.postgresql.org/download/macosx/).

I'm usually not a big fan of macOS preference pane extensions, as I have seen many breaking my system in the past. But for six months now, I have been testing the below and free solution intensively, and I can recommend it.

Of course, you can make all these changes in the terminal. But for a quick toggling of the power state of your local Postgres instance, this tool is very convenient and helpful.

Preference Pane for administering PostgreSQL on macOS - MaccaTech/PostgresPrefs


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