Dr. Jeannot Muller

Kari Stefansson is CEO of deCode Genetics, a private laboratory in Iceland that announced in early March that it would offer a free coronavirus diagnostic test for every Icelandic citizen. For anyone who wanted to take a test whenever they wanted to take a test, even on asymptomatic citizens.

It is worth listening to what Iceland has achieved in controlling the epidemic and why testing, aggressive tracking and rigorous quarantine of the sick and diagnosed (but possibly asymptomatic (!) Patients) is so important:

To date, the laboratory has performed over 25,000 diagnostic tests free of charge and more tests than the state laboratories.

The orange bars below show the tests of the private laboratory, in blue we see the state tests:

Of course, one cannot ignore the size of other countries compared to Iceland. There is also an increasing shortage of reagents in many countries. Nevertheless, Iceland shows that the only right way is to measure as many cases as possible and to take rigorous measures if the tests are positive.