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If you are generating a lot of files in Xojo to be downloaded, it makes sense to zip your files, so that the end-user has only to download one file.

You can easily achieve this with MonkeyBread’s MBS Plugin: ArchiveWriterMBS, which you can download here.

The following code is showing how to create 3 text files in-memory. These files are then getting compressed in-memory and then automatically downloaded. This project is for Xojo Web 2.0 but will work as well for Desktop Apps with a few changes.

// Array to store the created files
var files() as WebFile

// >> created as properties in the IDE (e.g. file1 as webfile) 
file1 = new WebFile
file2 = new WebFile
file3 = new WebFile

zippedFile = new Webfile

// << created as properties in the IDE (e.g. file1 as webfile) 

// Populating the webfiles and adding them to an array
file1.MimeType = "text/plain"
file1.ForceDownload = False
file1.Filename = "file1.txt"
file1.Data = "Lore Lipsum 1"

file2.MimeType = "text/plain"
file2.ForceDownload = False
file2.Filename = "file2.txt"
file2.Data = "Lore Lipsum 2"

file3.MimeType = "text/plain"
file3.ForceDownload = False
file3.Filename = "file3.txt"
file3.Data = "Lore Lipsum 3"

// Defining the ZIP File
zippedFile.MimeType = "application/zip"
zippedFile.ForceDownload = true
zippedFile.Filename = "myCompressedFiles.zip"

// defining the zip file in memory
Var myZip as new ArchiveWriterMBS
var check as boolean = myZip.CreateMemoryFile

if check then
  // Looping over all the files in my array of files
  for each file as webfile in files
    // creating an entry in the zip file per webfile in the array
    var e as new ArchiveEntryMBS
    e.PathName = file.Filename
    e.Size = lenb( file.Data )
    e.Permissions = &o0644
    e.FileType = e.kFileTypeRegular
    myzip.WriteHeader e
    call myZip.WriteData file.Data
end if

// copy the Zip-File from the memory into the in-memory ZIP-WebFile
zippedFile.data = myZip.MemoryData

// download the zip File
gotoUrl( zippedFile.url )

You need to create the following properties in Xojo’s IDE:


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